Syllabus – Introductory Social Media Business Course #cfcsm

6-Week Introductory Course ($450); Wednesdays Sept 17, 24, Oct 1, 8, 15 and 22

Length: 6 weeks, 3 hours a class

Type: This is a physical course, it will not be offered on-line due to the personal interactive nature. This class is also limited to 12 students.

Cost: The cost of these 18 hours of instruction is $25 per hour = $450

Register: You can register for this Intro course here. If you plan to take both the Intro and the Advanced course, you can register here (and receive a discount).

Location:  The beautiful Goddard House (1199 Main Street, Worcester, MA – Webster Square)



Based on invaluable student feedback, we are changing our strategy a bit to provide more interactive customization for your own particular social media business needs. Nancy Dube and I are offering a 6 week Social Media Business Introductory course followed by a 6 week Social Media Advanced course. Take one or take them both.

This course will be recorded when possible but the format and style is so personalized we won’t be able to record as much as in our lecture style courses. BUT each of you will have more hands-on with us sitting by your side to guide you.

What makes this almost better than individual tutoring is that you will benefit from insight from your classmates as well as two teachers in a small, physical classroom.


Just check out this detailed syllabus!

Class 1 (Intro) – Introduction

In this 3 hour class we will learn about each other’s businesses and you will define your target audience.

You will receive a workbook to help with this strategizing.

The latter part of this class covers a brief overview of every major social media channel. By the end of this session, you will identify and record which channels you need to be familiar with.

Class 2 (Intro) – Mindmapping and your Facebook personal profile

Now that you have identified your target audience, in class 2 you’ll discover what your audience will enjoy receiving from you – what kind of content will inform, entertain or educate them? This strategy involves class interaction and mindmapping. This is always an entertaining and enlightening part of the class.

In the latter part of this class, we dive deeply into the personal world of Facebook. Often there is resistance to even having a personal profile when your goal is to set up a Facebook business page. There are several important considerations when it comes to how much of your Facebook activity should be in the personal world and how much in the anonymous business page world. You will understand privacy settings, research opportunities and brand management. Very hands-on and interactive.

Class 3 (Intro) – Your LinkedIn Personal Profile

This class focuses solely on one important channel, LinkedIn. Setting up and optimizing your on-line resume is very important to every business person. This is not about LinkedIn Business pages or Groups which will be covered in the advanced course following this 6 weeks.

You will create connections with each other on LinkedIn. This class is very hands-on and interactive.

Class 4 (Intro) – Mini-Focus groups

The first half of Class 4 will be setting up a basic Facebook business page. It is important for every business to have this presence on the giant of social channels; Facebook. Advanced strategies including advertising, promotions and engagement strategies are covered in the advanced course.

The second part of Class 4 begins our mini-focus groups. Based on your own specific strategy and business goals defined in class 1, you have chosen which network to focus on.. This is where the class will be divided as necessary so you can get individual attention and hands-on experience with your chosen social media business channel. This could be YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Google+.

Class 5 (Intro) – Mini-Focus groups

Continues the customized training from Class 4.

Class 6 (Intro) – Free Tools and Wrap up of Introductory Course

You’ll learn about free easy-to-use such as (graphic design tool),a tool to create custom apps to your Facebook page (Woobox), a free scheduling tool (Hootsuite). In the second half of this last session in our Introductory course, you will also be given the opportunity to give us feedback and provide video testimonials using fun platforms. Networking, gifts and goodies wrap this session up.

Advanced course syllabus

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